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If your project requires non-routine testing and unique analytical requirements, Earth Labs can help save you TIME and MONEY by handling all of your specialty analytical challenges.

With Earth Labs integrated business model we are there for our customer from start to finish. This means starting from on location sampling collection from one of our trained drivers, through testing with our highly experienced chemists, to finalization with test results. Our quick turnaround times for our samples, and our below and at market pricing ensures that our customers receive the fastest reports and the fairest prices on the market, while still providing the highest quality testing available.

Earth Labs strives to provide high quality testing for our clients to ensure that their product(s) meets all regulations.

Why Choose Earth Labs

We strive to only provide the most accurate results possible by conducting routine proficiency tests.
We take extra care to ensure the precision of every test by running each requested analysis multiple times.
We use the most up to date instruments with the lowest limits of detection and quantification possible.
We work closely with Government Bureaus to ensure our compliance with every regulation so that we may offer the best Compliance testing packages on the market.