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What is ISO certification for testing labs?

ISO Certifications are Standard for Many Professional Services

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international quality standard through which products and services are measured. The certifications are known to identify outstanding quality levels of products and services. Certified producers as well as their chain of supply knows that the ISO Certifications has the ability span several disciplines that all meet or better still exceed the strict requirements of an ISO certified body.


The world over, only a selected set of cannabis producers has ISO Certification which of course sets them apart and as such gives them a competitive edge over the rest. It should be worthy to note that, the ISO certification is made available for some specific business elements such as;

  • Information Security
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Environmental
  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Energy Management as well as
  • Customer Service

Haven achieved Certification in various ISO Standards. Some licensed producers in the cannabis industry haven’t only demonstrated their commitment to grander products and services. Rather, a segment of the annual audit process is known to clearly impress stakeholders with their plans to constantly improve their processes.

The ISO standards are known to provide the required tools necessary to constantly improve performances in foundational areas of the business more so in the cannabis industry. In case you are a licensed producer seeking to set a standard for others to follow in the global cannabis market, the ISO standards certification qualifies that, you are true and deliver to your word.

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